How Dong Nguyen abandoned $50k per day

Normally dotcom stories are heard from the valleys of sillicon valley. We always hear news how a young passed out grad from stanford founded something and some Bigger fishes in the industry poured their extra cash in his overvalued venture. Every day someone from USA etc. are building fortunes. But when someone from a third […]

Why india need to abolish all kind of indirect taxes?

Albert Einstein once quoted “The Hardest Thing in the World to Understand is Income Taxes”.  True, but in india our lawmakers chose to adding complexity to this process by introducing a new kind of tax each and every year. There are two kind of taxes in india, direct and indirect. Direct taxes are income tax […]

How arvind kejriwal got what he wanted in his life

Q: What can you do after clearing IIT ? A: You can grab a job at facebook or Google or can eventually migrate to sillicon valley to reap millions. Q: What can you do after clearing IAS ? A: You can roam in lal batti car  and can sense immense respect in the eyes of […]

Why affinity is the best Adsense alternative – A Review

For a decade adsense remained the only solution for making money over net for bloggers and web publishers. You can earn money from other methods also, but no one gives you as much a constant source of revenue as Adsense does. But this monopoly have led to serious consequences which we face from time to […]

How an IIM Guy quit job to earn $1,00,000 per year from Blogging

So, my dear friends here is Chandoo and his story … Chandoo was having everything a typical indian parent wishes his child to have. An engineering degree followed by an IIM degree and a plushy job at TCS.  And many people who fail to achieve such kind of an Indian parental dream usually say that IIM graduates […]

How to make it to Digg homepage

Although there are no shortcuts in life, but digg makes blogging path shorter. Since the day Digg was founded, its making blogs rockstar in short span of time, who frequently come on its home page. What is Digg ? Digg is a website where your submitted articles compete with others by voting system. The best […]

web page update check from Mozilla

Google reader have turned off the feature which tracked the changes in web pages that didn’t provided updates. Someone told me that alternatives like page2rss are also giving updates, but very late and is a useless tool. So, here is a Add on from mozilla which will alert you when a web page changes. All […]

Top 5 Free php Open Source Social networking software

Building a community is on every webmaster’s mind these days after the release the Social network. Everyone want a Facebook clone for himself, but no one want to code for years to get their own social networking script. Top 5 Free social networking software 1. Oxwall : Visit website About – Oxwall is quite new to […]

How to find out when Google last crawled you ?

Google keeps visiting blogs and websites spread over internet to check out for updates. The frequency of visit on a particular blog depend upon the quality of Blog or website. For example Google may be visiting your newly created blog once in a month, and at the same time he may be poking his nose […]

What you don’t know about Markus frind

Markus frind is the person behind, the biggest dating website on earth. Once afraid to loose his job, he is now the one man empire riding on a  money making machine. Some quick facts … Markus frind booked in year 2001 and he went home and tried his best to make an index […]